Save Money with Professional Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Services at Spring Valley Plumbing and Drain

For many households in Spring Valley, NV, the garbage disposal is the most used tool in the kitchen. While this powerful gadget that reduces food waste and eliminates bacteria from forming in trash cans may seem infallible, it is not without its headaches and frustrations. Every day we answer phone calls from confused homeowners wondering why their trusty garbage disposal won’t turn on or properly grind up food waste. If you’re feeling at the mercy of your disposal, give us a call and let our expert plumbers provide you with top-rated plumbing service that is always accurate and affordable.

Garbage Disposals Require Periodic Maintenance and Repair

Like any appliance in a home, garbage disposals require a certain amount of maintenance. In addition, from time to time they may also need minor repairs. The majority of garbage disposals that we service are grossly misused. This is usually because people do not realize that the standard, residential garbage disposal is not built to withstand heavy usage. Most of the problems that owners run into are stuck propellers, broken flywheels, and motors that are burnt out.

Nearly all of these problems could be prevented if homeowners treated their disposals with a gentle hand. Our knowledgeable plumbing crew recommends that people consider the following tips to cut back on repair costs:

  • Do not grind up food preparation scraps or dispose of foods like celery, onion skins, and artichokes in the disposal. The fibrous material of these foods make it more likely than not that they will jam the disposal.
  • Pour used cooking oil and grease into glass jars or other containers. Never pour these substances down the disposal or you risk a major clog.
  • Clean your disposal regularly by running dish soap and cold water through the disposal. It isn’t necessary to use store-bought cleaners. These products are typically too harsh for residential plumbing systems.
  • Prevent rust from forming on the blades by using the disposal often. Disposals are built for daily use as long as they are cared for properly.

Call Us When It’s Time for Garbage Disposal Replacement and Installation

Sometimes you need to replace a broken disposal. Our plumbing service also includes garbage disposal replacement and installation. Our plumbing specialists are trained to install all varieties of disposals and every installation is backed by our comprehensive warranty.

We can also help you with other services such as faucet installation, shower and bath installation, and high-efficiency toilet installation.To request a quote or schedule an appointment, call us today.