We Take the Guesswork Out of Slab Leak Detection – Call Today for Qualified Inspection Services from Spring Valley’s Most Qualified Plumbing Resource

At Spring Valley Plumbing and Drain, we care about our customers and make it our number one priority to provide superior leak detection services that go above and beyond the traditional dig and search methods used by other companies. Using the latest technology in water leak detection, we find the source of water leaks fast and for far less than other companies charge.

When you call us for emergency leak detection, or even just routine inspections to make sure everything is running as it should, you can count on professional service 24/7.

Our Contractors Are Slab Leak Experts

We get calls for leak detection every day, including slab leaks. These are those nasty little leaks (although some can be quite big) that form below ground underneath the foundation of your home. They can create cracks in your foundation walls, cause mold to form in finished parts of your basement, and even threaten the structural integrity of your home.

Yes, these leaks sound rather frightening but our contractors are highly trained and proficiently skilled in detecting these leaks immediately and making fast, reliable repairs.

We Use Electronic Leak Detection Equipment

What’s the big deal about electronic leak detection methods? Well, without utilizing these methods, plumbers would be forced to search and dig trying to find the source of the leak. This not only costs more money, but it can be quite destructive to your property.

At Spring Valley Plumbing and Drain, we only work with local contractors that use electronic leak detection to ensure that our customers do not have to put up with messy slab leak repairs.

Call Us Day or Night for All Your Water Leak Detection Needs

Whether you have a slab leak, water heater leak, a pool leak, or a leak coming from a plumbing fixture, give us a call and we’ll send help to your door in less than an hour. All of our services are guaranteed and available around the clock.

When you call the preferred provider for leak detection services in Spring Valley, Nevada, you can count on superior service each and every time.