Have these Problems? You May Need Water Main Line Replacement

No one wants to hear that they need main water line replacement, but if you’re experiencing issues with water coming into your home this might be exactly what you need. Just like interior plumbing and sewer lines, water main lines experience issues too. From clogging to rusting, a multitude of problems can affect the water line. Check out these signs that you need main water line repair then call Spring Valley Plumbing and Drain to schedule service.

Sudden Change in Water Pressure

Have you suddenly noticed a drop in water pressure? There are quite a few reasons for water pressure issues. Sediment in the line, a poorly installed shower head, and issues with the municipal water source are a few such problems. However, if the water pressure suddenly drops this indicates an issue with the main line. The line might have sprung a leak and needs attention right away.

Rust-colored Water

Is the water coming into your home discolored? Figuring out the source of the discolored water is important. If it’s sediment build-up, this can be treated by installing a water treatment system for the house. However, if the main line is rusting, this requires a completely different approach. Water line replacement is the most likely solution to this problem.

Also, pay close attention to any dirt that shows up in your water supply. If you turn on the kitchen faucet and dirt flows from the tap, there’s a hole in your main line. Take care of this problem right away.

Soggy Yards

Pay close attention to the area around the main water line. If become aware of standing water in this area, investigate the situation further. When puddles show up in the yard and it hasn’t rained for days, this indicates a problem with the subsurface plumbing. It’s likely your water main has sprung a leak. Call a plumber in Spring Valley, NV, right away.

Higher than Average Utility Bills

Don’t get stuck with costly utility bills. If you’ve noticed your monthly water bill getting bigger and bigger, have your main line inspected. Even the slightest leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water each month.

Leak Detection Services

One of the best ways to prevent water damage and costly utility bills is to stay on top of plumbing problems. You can do this by hiring local plumbers for leak detection service. Our plumbers use high-tech devices to find the tiniest leaks. From video camera inspections to sonar and electronic leak detection, we have many ways to find problems in the line.

Hiring licensed plumbers in Spring Valley, NV, for leak detection services is a proactive way to manage your residential or commercial plumbing. It’s a great preventive maintenance service that protects properties and saves homeowners and commercial property owners a lot of money.

If you suspect you have a water main line leak, call today to book your leak detection service.

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