Take Care of Faucet Leaks Today

Have you been fighting a losing battle with a leaky faucet? Maybe you’ve tried turning the handle a certain way to stop the leak, only to find that after a couple of days this trick doesn’t work anymore. Or, perhaps, you’ve given into turning the water shut-off valve off when you’re not using the bathroom sink, so you’re not kept up all night by the sound of dripping water.

Why not fix the problem once and for all? At Spring Valley Plumbing and Drain, we’re here to offer you budget-friendly solutions for home faucet repair. We know that it may seem easier to ignore or “put up with” a leaky faucet, but is that really the best choice to make. The longer you wait to fix a leaky shower, a broken garbage disposal, a bathtub, a kitchen sink, or the washing machine hookups in your laundry room, the greater the chances increase that you could find yourself dealing with a much larger problem in the future.

Repair or Replace? We’ll Help You Decide!

Are you not sure if your leaky faucet is repairable? We’ll help you decide. After taking apart the faucet to your bathtub, shower, kitchen or bathroom sink, a plumber will tell you what the problem is and the cost to make repairs. If it is less costly to replace the faucet, we can perform immediate kitchen faucet replacement and/or bathroom faucet installation.

Local Contractors Make Professional Faucet Repairs

As the leading plumbing service in Spring Valley, Nevada, we make it our number one goal to connect our customers with experts in the plumbing industry to help them get the most out of their residential plumbing system. All the faucet repairs our contractors make are 100% guaranteed and performed by licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing professionals.

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